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June 1, 2015 @ 7 PM PST

About Kristen White

Kristen is a crystal clear intuitive channel who will explore your past lives and connect with your guides, angels and departed loved ones as part of her Intuitive Life Coaching Practice. Kristen White is a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified Life and Business Coach. She also works directly with entrepreneurs and business owners to explored and deepen their connection to their inner guidance to increase profits and grow their business.

As a business coach, Kristen believes all entrepreneurs can easily access their intuition with a daily practice and and use empower themselves to achieve their business goals. In addition to Intuition Ignition, Kristen White is the founder of a media marketing agency located in St. Louis, Missouri called the White Media Agency that specializes in business coaching and marketing strategy. She is a Karuna Usui Reiki Master, a medium of the Casa of John of God, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue and a Tibetan Energy Healer.

Kristen is a former network television journalist and is now the host Let's Start A Ripple Effect, airing to over 20 million US homes, as well as her own radio show. She is the author of two books, Mystic in a Minivan and Voice: How to Share Your Message, Your Products and Your Business with the World! Kristen also contributes regularly to the personal development magazine Best You, based out of the UK.