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Production Tips and Opportunities Week of 5/12/16

A Personal Note From Kristen

Want more clients? Get Social!

What I have used recently that has worked the BEST is Facebook ads. Over the last month, I've been promoting our On Camera Tips from the Media Pros on Facebook as both an ad and a promoted post. This has allowed us to add 7500 new likes to my Facebook business page and 1300 new email addresses in less than 30 days. We have attracted most of our new leads for pennies per new potential customer.

Honestly, I wondered if Facebook ads would work for my business. At White Media Agency we get a lot of referral business and often participate in tele-summits and online business building with friends and affiliates. But my new social media campaign has had surprisingly amazing results.

Here' s a few tips for your Facebook ads:

1. Have a clear offer in the ad offering FREE high demand content on a webpage in exchange for an email

2. Test your images in small ads first to see which one is the most viral

3. Have multiple ads running with different keywords and cancel the ones that don't work well (the ones which cost too much per click)

4. Set a budget of at least $50 a day

We used a consultant who is an expert in Facebook promotions. Yes, even coaches use the support of other coaches! If you want to learn more about how to place the ads and a referral for who I worked with - send me a personal email responding to this newsletter.

Meanwhile, social media is a powerful tool to expand your circle of influence and make an impact.

See you in the spotlight.

Tips From the Blog

5 Tips for a Better Podcast Editing Experience

The overall audio of a podcast is so important. Just as important as the business you may be prompting in the podcast. Think of it as a brand extension and think of how to get the most out of the opportunity to expose your brand to a target audience. If you are going to do a podcast, the best way to maximize the brand is through effective, clean and concise editing... Read More

Production Opportunities

White Media Agency offers many opportunities to be featured in our television programs, podcast, documentaries, and speaking events.

Let's see how we can get you in the spotlight with your message or product. Let your voice spread positive messages across the world.

Mandala features interviews with health and wellness experts and bestselling authors by Kristen White on topics of meditation, healthy habits, nutrition, yoga, and personal development. Share your story with us here.


Ask My Doctor TV is currently looking for guest. Are you a doctor or health and wellness expert? Watch our pilot and tell us about your expertise. You can join the conversation here. Please feel free to share this opportunity with other health and wellness experts.

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Let's Start A Ripple is looking for life coaches. Are you an author, speaker, or spiritual teacher who wants to share your message in the media? This program was created as the flagship for the Transformational Media Movement - a movement focused on bringing positive change-makers and thought leaders into the national spotlight.

The show has received international attention for its inspiring and thought provoking content. We are looking for life coaches, experts in wellness, spirituality, and personal development to be on Let's Start A Ripple. You can find more information here.

White Media Agency Client Spotlight

Congratulations to Denise Hansard for all of her accomplishments.
Her Transformation Retreat in Atlanta was a huge success!

Denise Hansard
Discover Your Purpose: Release Fear & Get Clear

Learn More About Her Transformation Retreat in Chicago Here

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