Video 2 of 6: How to Create a Powerful Message and Expert Brand

As a global transformational thought leader, you have two choices: let the public determine who you are and what you stand for OR determine what message you want people to associate with you. This video helps you focus on creating your most authentic brand.

By the time you finish this video, you’ll be rethinking your branding efforts and creating a concise (30 second) brand message that resonates with your market.

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This is the second of six videos in my exclusive Authentic Voice Media Expert Training. The videos contain step-by-step information to help you step into the spotlight as the recognized media expert in your field. You can learn more about White Media Agency, the premier media coaching, marketing, and video production agency for the wellness, personal development, and spirituality marketplace here.

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“Kristen has a great gift for communication and understanding media. I particularly appreciated her help on getting very clear about my audience and the message that they need. I appreciate her ideas and support along with the drive to get it done. The step by step approaches to understand and then to develop excellent information for your audience really helped our team to improve our magazine. Kristen is a media expert with a real heart and drive to help share positive messages around the world. I highly recommend her book and her coaching program.”
— Ed Kaine

“Kristen White is a gifted communicator who unleashes the Power of VOICE in those she mentors and trains. And I am thrilled to share that even in print, you will experience Kristen’s uncanny dynamic in the pages of her new book, Voice: How to Share Your Message, Your Product and Your Business with the World! Her crystal clear mindfulness, generosity and practical media industry experience combine to create an inviting dynamic for releasing each one of us to expertly craft and speak forth our message to the world!
— Charleslcap