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Receive Emails from Kristen White: Gmail Inbox Settings

How to Configure Your Gmail Inbox Settings

Sometimes important emails go into the incorrect inbox and you miss out on information.

If your emails from Kristen White are not showing up in your Primary Inbox you have 2 options to reorganize your Gmail Inbox: Reconfigure Tabs or Consolidate all Tabs into One Inbox.

Option 1: Reconfigure Tabs

Unless you have made changes to your inbox configuration, you likely see three Tabs across the top of your Inbox: Primary, Social, and Promotions.

Many times, emails from lists you have subscribed to will appear in the Promotions tab. To move them to your Primary Inbox, follow these simple steps:


  1. Click on the tab of where the email you want to move is located. In our example, the Kristen White email is in our Promotions tab.
  2. Drag the email and drop it on the tab labeled “Primary”. (See Image 1 below)
    1. To drag and drop – use your mouse. Click the mouse on the email title and hold down the button while moving the pointer, drag it over to the Primary tab. Once the mouse is over that tab, release the mouse button.
  3. Once you have dropped the email Google will display a pop-up message asking if you want to do this for future messages from that email address. Be sure to click “Yes” so you will see Kristen White's emails in your Primary Inbox and will not have to repeat steps 1 and 2 for every future email. 


It’s possible that you will receive emails from various Kristen White email addresses. Therefore, you may need to repeat the steps above if you are still missing important emails.

Option 2: Consolidate Tabs into One Inbox

It you want to get rid of the extra tabs, you can consolidate them into one inbox for all emails:

  1. Click on the setting menu icon, it’s a small gear on the right side of your page. That will open up a pop-up menu.

2. Click “Configure inbox”. That opens up a pop-up dialog box.

3. Uncheck the boxes for the Tabs you do NOT want to see anymore. Don’t worry, you can always activate them again if you do not like using the Primary Inbox only.

4. Click the Save button. Your inbox will now reorganize your emails.