I’ve built up a fairly successful coaching practice over the last 2 years and felt ready to take the next step and up level my business and offerings. I found Kristen White. My VIP day with Kristen was amazing. In such a short space of time she got straight to the point with what was holding me back and gave me some powerful strategies for increasing my income while adding massive value to my clients. (I’m already seeing a big difference after a week!). Kristen mixes strong intuitive abilities with savvy business strategies to help you achieve your breakthrough FAST. If you want to make a leap, Kristen is you’re coach!" Ryan James Lock, business success coach, writer and entrepreneur.

- Ryan Lock

I had been in business a few years, and was looking for a strategic partner who could help me move forward quickly.
Kristen helped me refine my niche, and better define my programs and offers. Within three months of working with her,
I had my best month ever of over $40,000 in revenue.

Kristen has a wide range of skills she brings to the table with business coaching.

- Cheryl Heppard

I was trying to figure out how to begin the process of writing my first book. It is a memoir and covers the most personal and painful experience in my life-the loss of my two sons.

Kristen has given me the confidence to begin while simultaneously helping me with the logistics of the book writing process.

I feel that Kristen’s personal experience in writing her own novel played a tremendous part as well as just mentoring me throughout my painful journey.

From the first meeting you realize you are getting a truly unique and special spirit with Kristen. She is funny and outgoing and makes you feel comfortable immediately. She truly wants to see you succeed and is open about how to get you to your personal goals.

- Kristin Akin

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