Building A Personal Brand

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Your personal brand speaks to how you are unique in the marketplace. If you don’t have a personal brand but want to build one, think about how to incorporate these ideas into your strategy: Determine your core values – what do you stand for? That is the essence of your brand and what your potential…

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Create Own Media

Tired of waiting around for media to notice you and your business or organization? Media doesn’t always know you are out there with great ideas that everyone should know about. Instead of despairing about why the local news isn’t calling you, create your own media. Putting together your own camera worthy news can be easy…

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New Ways to Gain Publicity

There are new exciting ways to get your message out to the public. Many of these ways utilize electronic or social media platforms. Most of these options are free to sign up for and can be very helpful in your marketing and publicity strategies. Let’s review a few of these options: Social media Within social…

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What to Do When You Are on Camera

Once you get your big chance to do a television interview, you should know a few tips on being in the studio and how to interact with the camera. Whether you are in a studio or on location, these are a few camera and lighting tips to keep in mind when filming: A small lavaliere…

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What to Expect When You Call A Newsroom

You send your pitch to the newsroom of a television station and you wait. Unfortunately, waiting isn’t the best strategy for getting cameras to your event or announcement. But can you really call a newsroom and ask if they will come? Yes, you can! Most media outlets have the phone number for the newsroom on…

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