Establishing yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry could be as simple as posting to LinkedIn.  LinkedIn offers its users a variety of tools for connecting and communicating and one of those tools is the ability to upload posts to the site.  Posts can be seen by your network and others in groups you opted to join.  If you decide to post your own content to LinkedIn, keep these three things in mind:

Advantages of posting to LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site.  Unlike some social media sites like Facebook or Instagram which are primarily used as personal platforms but have business uses, LinkedIn has grown into a platform where professionals can connect with corporate leaders and decision makers.  This makes LinkedIn the ideal platform for sharing business insights with a broad audience.  Take advantage of this space to gain local and national attention with well written business content that sets you a part from the rest in your industry.

Topics for LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn postings cover many business related topics including current events, human resource issues, market trends and the list goes on.  How to determine what you should write about is dependent on what your business background covers.  Always write on topics that you know a great deal of information about.  Look at your previous job responsibilities or past career accomplishments.  Is there a teachable moment in those experiences you can share?

Best Practices

  • When posting to LinkedIn, keep in mind your audience is as busy as you are.  Posts shouldn’t be excessively wordy.  Also, don’t wear out your welcome by posting too often. You may have a lot to say but try to pace yourself.  A few posts a week are much better than a few posts a day.  Stay away from industry jargon and acronyms. It may make it more challenging for a reader outside of your industry to understand the core message of your post. Enlist a trusted colleague or friend to review your content prior to posting. Having another pair of eyes to check for grammar and structure can save you from embarrassing spelling errors and the like.

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your business expertise.  It’s easy to upload a post and start sharing your insights with other liked minded professionals and maybe even catch the attention of the media.  The road to becoming a subject matter expert is a click away.

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