Maybe you haven’t given much thought to wearing makeup during a media interview. Maybe you should. Just as the right clothing choices can affect the viewer’s first impression of you, so does your overall appearance, posture and demeanor. Wearing makeup can improve your skin tone and overall appearance under the harsh lights of a studio TV camera.

• When should you wear makeup

Makeup should be worn when you have a scheduled in studio or on camera interview. If you arrive at the studio and are offered makeup or a touch up, say “yes”. That goes for both men and women. Either gender should wear makeup for interviews.

• Benefits of wearing makeup

Makeup creates an even and healthy skin tone in front of the camera. The harsh studio lights can tend to make every skin tone look shallow and pale. Makeup simply gives the viewer a more accurate visual of what you look like in person.

• What kind of makeup should you wear

Makeup should not be over-the-top theatrical makeup. For interviews, keep it neutral and wear a foundation that is close to your original skin tone and use a powder to cut down on shininess especially in the “T-zone” of forehead, nose and chin. Use a light neutral color on cheeks or a pop of color consistent with your skin tone. Men or women can wear eyeliner and light mascara. It would be advised that you visit a makeup artist who specializes in makeup application for TV interviews.

You can find makeup artists at your local department store in the makeup counter section. Most brands have a specialist on duty to show you how to apply the product and help with product selection. Enlist the help of these experts for guidance in application. Don’t be afraid to wear makeup during an interview. It may feel awkward at first but once you get used to applying it, it won’t feel like second nature to you.

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